First Light Music

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality instrumental New Age & World Music. The healing power of sound is meant to be shared and experienced by all. First Light Music was founded in 1998 and is going through a rebirth and experiencing a new Genesis in 20121!  This is an exciting year and celebrates the rebirth of this boutique label with new musical releases from Scott Hartley, Starlight Wisdom, and unique sound art project called Sonos Sensuous taking place at the Integratron!



First Light Shines Again:

We will be constantly updating and changing our website during the next month and will also be working closely with a website called Yoga Music Journal which will be launching in the summer of 2012!

Artists on First Light Music:

Former aritsts include Constance Demby, Xumantra, Esteban, Jonn Serrie, and Kingfisher.